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Electronic commerce is already an integral part of our daily lives. Internet, smartphones, and constant connectivity have turned the convenience and convenience of online shops into obvious advantages. Currently, there are many proposals for online shopping, and a platform that stands out from many others is eBay. 

From traditional companies that have leaped the digital format to get closer to a larger number of buyers to companies born by and for this type of buying and selling through networks. We all know the strange name that has become very popular in recent years; however, one that cannot be ignored is the case of the eBay site in general and eBay UK in particular. 

One of the pioneers of this online sale that today continues to advance and is almost at the top in the polls as a big favorite of those looking for good products and better prices on the nets. With thousands, even millions of users, the catalog has grown exponentially as there are not only ready-to-buy users but also thousands of private sellers offering their products on this forward-thinking platform eBay. 

How do I create an account on eBay to buy?

When you start using the eBay platform to search for deals and find those great deals you’ve always dreamed of, the first thing we need to do is to register a new account on eBay as a buyer to do this, follow these simple steps that will surely be very useful to you. While it is true that eBay allows you to sell your products with this type of account, the limitations are extensive, and this type of account is not recommended if you want to dedicate yourself to selling on this portal professionally. 

  • First, you have to access or to create an account. 
  • Now look on the first page of eBay on the top left, directly above the logo, the option ” register. ” Click on it to open the registration form. 
  • In the new window, it will ask you for a series of data that you need to fill out in order to register your account as a new user. It starts with your first and last name, as well as your e-mail address and a password that must contain at least six characters, as well as a number or a symbol and at least one letter. 

After all these steps, Your eBay user account is ready now. You will receive a welcome email in the inbox of the email used, which will allow you to access the web. 

Requirements for an eBay UK account to sell

Before you start, know that you can sell anything you want with a regular user account, but with some limitations. If you want to act as a professional seller, you need a company name to register. However, in this guide, we will let our readers know how to open an eBay UK account, and for this, you may need the UK. Address along with a company in UK. as well. 

To create an eBay UK account, first, we have to prepare our United Kingdom address and company details which we can easily get by following this superb guide. So stay tuned with us! 

First, you are going to register as a “sole trader,” i.e., self-employed in the United Kingdom by visiting the link (The official website of the British government). 

Here are the prerequisites to be able to register as a self-employed person in the UK. 

 You must have gained more than £1,000 between April of last year and April of the current year. 

Being a self-employed person subjects you to certain obligations: 

  • Keep a history of all your transactions (purchases or sales) 
  • Submit a tax return every year 
  • Pay taxes on profits and certain taxes for insurance 
  • You will also need to apply for a social security number. 
  • If your turnover exceeds £85,000, you will also need to register for VAT. 

The process is super simple, and I advise you to register in the UK. Along with this, you will need a UK address. 

 Getting a U.K. Address for EBAY 

To have an address in the United Kingdom, I advise you to go through UK Post Box at 

Thanks to this company, you can open a business in the UK market, wherever you are in the world. Once on the site, you click on the menu at the top on “Addresses,” then you select “Business Address.” 

They create an address for you in the UK but also offer other services, such as mail management via the Internet, physical forwarding of mail to your real physical address, and many other useful services. 

The cost is cheap compared to the services offered. For a subscription of 12 Euro per month, you will have: 

  • A personal address 
  • An address as a self-employed person 
  • A business address 
  • Mail forwarding 
  • Customer feedback management 
  • A logistics and drop shipping service 
  • And even a Google Adsense service 

Whether you are on a beach in Thailand or in an open space in Pakistan, you will have a business address in the United Kingdom, allowing you to manage your business remotely. 

You can even use their logistics service, you send them your stock, and they take care of the shipments within the UK. All that, with no minimum volume, so for £12 a month, it’s definitely worth it. 

Best of all, they offer a return address, so for eBay dropshipping, great! 


Basic precautions to keep in mind for operating UK. eBay account: 

  • You can use your existing PayPal account for eBay. 
  • Same for the IP address; you can use your own. 
  • You can, of course, use a VPN if you want to appear in the UK. However, it is not mandatory, but if you go through a VPN, I recommend 24vc; they will give you a fresh IP. That is to say, an IP that has never been used. 

After these precautions now, you are ready to register on eBay UK without any troubles: 

  • To get to the registration page, please click on the “New Registration” link that you will find above the search term input field. 
  • On the page you have now reached, you will find a form field that you must fill out with the correct information about yourself. 
  • Now enter the e-mail address under which you would like to conduct your activities on eBay. This will be the address where you will receive messages from eBay directly or from other members regarding your purchases or sales. 
  • Now you have to enter your telephone number, under which you can be reached by eBay. 
  • The input fields for your member name and your freely chosen password now form the next important step of the registration process. 
  • If you should ever forget your password, you are given the opportunity to set a security question and the correct answer to it now. This gives you the option, if the worst comes to the worst, after answering this question, to be able to get back into your eBay account. 
  • The completion of the filling process is now the transfer of a “Captcha” in the field provided, the indication of your date of birth, as well as the acknowledgment and confirmation of the general terms and conditions and the data protection declaration. 
  • Clicking on the “New Registration” button now completes the formal registration procedure. 
  • You will now receive a confirmation email to the email address you provided. This contains a code that you enter in the field after logging into your account and sending it off. If the confirmation code was transmitted correctly, you have finally opened your eBay account with this process. 

However, later, you must add your bank or credit card details to the information you have already given about yourself to start, along with the address and business verification details discussed above!