It is an online streaming website that is used to watch movies, TV serials, and Shows for free. We can also download videos from this website. Putlocker became popular in no time and reached the top most visited websites worldwide but it was reported by motion pictures of America claimed that it was a piracy threat. Putlocker was blocked in the UK by the high court in 2016.

Putlocker was first originated in the UK in 2011.

After the ban, Putloker changed its URL many times that’s why many times Putlocker’s name was seized and suspended. After all these circumstances the main official website of Putlocker was maintained by the original team is still online.

Putlocker History:

Putlocker was initially originated in the UK by the URL putlocker.com in 2011. The famous website got high traffic in a day Putlocker got a plus point and extra traffic when Megaupload was shut down because of copyright infringement. Putlocker then reached 1.6 million in traffic per day

In March 2012, Putlocker’s URL was changed to Putlocker.bz and after this, it was again changed to Putlocker .is in June 2014.

In 2016, Pulocker.i was listed in the top 250 websites worldwide and 150 in the USA according to the Alexa report.

The putlocker.is was changed to putlocker.today and also in 2017, 2016 the putlocker9.com was reported to be online also.

Putlocker movies:

Putlocker was banned from accessing 42 piracy sites brought by Village Roadshow, Kiss Cartoon, and movies that were ordered to be blocked. Putlocker is offering many new movies that are so famous and trending worldwide but because of some mistakes or bad luck, Putlocker faced these bad circumstances.

Avengers endgame Putlocker:

Putlocker offered the most famous movie also that thousands of visitors also downloaded The Avenger’s Endgame. Putlocker offered HD movies to watch or download for free.

Is Putlockers Safe and Legal?

While downloading movies we need to think about safety first because when we download any movie from any Putlocker we think that is just a movie released in theaters but actually we are downloading malware also. Hackers always target Putlockers. To ensure your PC’s safety, use scanning tools like Clean My Mac X.

The legality of Putlocker is still an unsaid story because it mostly depends on where we access it. We better know that the Putlocker URL is blocked in the UK but we can still get many search results in Google.

Best Legal Alternatives of Putlocker in 2020 and 2021:

There are many alternatives to Putlocker but the famous ones that provide HD movies to watch or download for free are listed below:

1. HULU:

Hulu is a legal streaming media that provides us with the newest shows. It is an expanded library of classic and new movies. Hulu is a paid streaming site but it is the cheapest one.

2. Sling TV:

The Sling TV offers traditional TV and the demanded content just by using its app this is so cool and impressive. It is owned by a cable company Dish.

Sling TV is a Cloud service DVR we can save our favorite movies or shows here.

It is better than a cable company paying tons of money the sling TV package is so low that it is just 20$ per month this package is basic you can switch to other packages anytime you want.

3. HBO Max:

It is the newest streaming site its impressive services will make to pay 14.99$ per month.

HBO Max has the library of all the original content of HBO and Warner Media. You can also stream the original West World and Game of Thrones. Here you will get direct streaming from new line cinema, Carton Network, TBS, TNT, CNN, CN, Crunchyroll, and Adult Swim.

The list of HBO Max is full of all the original content of HBO and many more new movies.

4. Pluto TV:

This one is free TV, Yes! This is true that there is no fee for this streaming content. You can access above 250 channels same as Sling TV etc. Pluto is owned by a cable company named Viacom.

Pluto TV has many more movies but there is a frustrating thing. There are ads to deal with but Pluto TV is free with ads and the ads are not skipable. Apple TV, Xbox, Roku, PlayStation, Chromecast, and so on.

5. Popcornflix:

This one also offers the best quality movies and TV serials, shows without having any problem with monthly subscriptions. You can search for your demand movie and watch it free anytime. There may be some advertisements in exchange for the cost of the movies.

Sign-up is optional here you can visit and watch movies directly. It has its tablet and Android apps to access easily anywhere. Popcornflix is available on Apple TV, Roku, Xbox, Amazon Fire TV, Android phones and tablets, and IOS phones and tablets.

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