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Hotmail is no longer available! An explanation of Microsoft Outlook email services. Stop looking for Hotmail! Outlook email services from Microsoft are unclear. Here are explanations about Outlook Online, Outlook Web App, and other services. Over the years, Microsoft has changed the name of some of its products. If the final product names had not been so terribly thought out, they would have been wise PR decisions. For instance, “Outlook” may currently be used to describe an online email service, a desktop email client, and a web-based email client.

As if that were not confusing enough, we now must be concerned about terminology like “Outlook web app,” “Live Mail,” and “Hotmail.” Which terminology do you need to employ? We will address all your queries about Microsoft email after this post. Is Hotmail still in operation?

Does Microsoft Still Offer Hotmail For Email Services?

When you mention the word “,” a lot of today’s youth will not know what you are talking about. Some younger readers may be asking after our quick introduction: is Hotmail owned by Microsoft? What is different now? What is Hotmail these days?

In the past, Hotmail was among the most well-known email providers globally. A Hotmail login provided something different from most email inboxes back in 1997 when Microsoft purchased it from its original developers: freedom from ISPs like America Online (AOL). Formerly known as MSN Hotmail, this version is no longer in use.

Let us go back to 2005. Microsoft unveiled a new range of services and goods that year with the goal of improving Windows users’ experiences. Windows Live, which you may be familiar with from programmers like Windows Essentials and the now-open-source Open Live Writer, was the name of this new suite.

Microsoft intended to replace Hotmail email with a new mail system named Windows Live Mail as part of this project, gradually discontinuing Hotmail email. However, Microsoft took a backseat when beta testers voiced dissatisfaction with the modification and stated that they liked the Hotmail brand better. The firm chose the Windows Live Hotmail.

In 2012, the Windows Live brand was dropped. While some of these services and goods were split off and carried on independently (Windows Live Search became Bing, for example), others were directly incorporated into the Windows operating system (as applications for Windows 8 and 10). The remainder just dropped.

Microsoft launched at the same time, which was simply Windows Live Hotmail rebranded with a better user experience and more functionality. There is no such thing as Outlook Online, even though this is what many people mistakenly call it.

Given this, is Outlook the same as Hotmail? The fact that unpracticed users could no longer register Microsoft email accounts with that domain, but current Hotmail users could maintain they’re email addresses, only served to further confuse matters. Despite using the same email provider, they were only able to establish addresses instead of other email addresses.

After being referred to as Windows Live Hotmail and Hotmail, Microsoft’s email service is now officially called Given the circumstances, which is it—Outlook or Hotmail? That question is quite ambiguous.

Microsoft’s Web Email Clients, Hotmail vs. Outlook

The Hotmail email service’s online interface used to be located at There was no disparity in terms of brand; the services were identical. Simply said, things are more complicated now.

The complete list of Outlook tools and services available now is as follows:

  • Outlook Calendar.
  • Outlook Tasks.
  • Outlook Lite.
  • Outlook Mail.
  • Outlook People.
  • One Outlook.

Aside from the services mentioned above, there are variations of applications for other operating systems (such as Office for Mac and Office for Windows). Additionally, Microsoft developed and later stopped providing additional services, such as Outlook Express.

A year prior to the demise of Microsoft’s Windows Live brand in 2011, Office 365—the forerunner of Microsoft 365—was unveiled. Office 365 was initially intended for corporate and commercial customers, but it was eventually made available to regular consumers as well.

Microsoft announced, “Outlook on the Web” (formerly known as Outlook Web App) as a set of online apps in 2015 as part of their push for Office 365. Outlook Tasks, Microsoft Outlook Mail, Outlook Calendar, and Outlook People were the four individual tools in this package.

Outlook Mail is the key one; it’s the contemporary equivalent of the old Hotmail interface. Recall how was the new name Microsoft gave to its email service? is the back end, while Outlook Mail is the front end.

Like, Outlook Mail is sometimes mistakenly referred to as Outlook Online. Yet again, Outlook Online does not exist.

To be quite clear, Outlook Mail is the web email client and is the real Microsoft email service. If you have a Microsoft email account, you may see the latter using the former. Between the desktop and web versions of Microsoft Outlook, you should decide which is most suitable for you.

Microsoft’s Desktop Email Clients: vs.

Microsoft’s desktop products have also been impacted by its confusing brand approach. “Outlook” was the name given to Microsoft’s desktop email client for an exceptionally long time. That word got much too convoluted, and the core of the whole controversy is Outlook vs. Hotmail.

Outlook was first released on MS-DOS, which predated Windows 3.1. But it was not until Outlook 97, which came with Office 97, that it became popular. Up until and including Office 2016, changes have also been made to the Microsoft Outlook desktop client with each latest version of Office.

Although the official name of this desktop version is Microsoft Outlook, or simply Outlook, Office Outlook is sometimes used to refer to it.

Think back to 1996 and the now-defunct Outlook Express email client that was included with Internet Explorer. Except for being an email client, Outlook Express has nothing to do with Microsoft Outlook, despite their identical names.

Windows Mail replaced Microsoft Outlook Express in 2005, concurrently with the release of Windows Vista. The main cause of this was the variations in Windows XP and Vista’s infrastructure. Versions of Windows Mail lower than Vista were not compatible with it.

Windows Mail was replaced by Windows Live Mail in 2007, a mere two years later. Recall how Microsoft intended to call Windows Live Mail instead of Hotmail? That product has nothing to do with this recently launched one. Windows Mail evolved into Windows Live Mail, while Hotmail became Windows Live Hotmail.

Apart from Outlook, none of the programmers are applicable as of Windows 11. The globe keeps on whirling. To make matters even more unclear, Outlook can be used to improve your productivity and manage your inbox, which further obscures the service’s name and features.

Is Hotmail The Outlook Of Today? An Overview Of Microsoft’s Email Offerings:

You are not alone if you have read this far, and your mind is racing. Even in hindsight, Microsoft wounded itself in the foot with rebranding after rebranding, making it hard to keep up. Here is a brief rundown of the essential information in case you are still unclear:

  • Microsoft’s email service, which was formerly called until it was terminated in 2011, is now called It was first introduced in 2012.
  • The Outlook online application that allows you to see your email account is called Outlook Online, or OWA. It is a component of the Microsoft email web app package from the brand.
  • Microsoft’s desktop email client is called Outlook Mail. It may be used with any email address, registered with

Unless you are using an out-of-date version of Windows, everything else—including Outlook Express, Windows Mail, and Windows Live Mail—is no longer relevant. It is understandable if, at this point, you are wondering which of Gmail and Outlook’s email services is the best; the complex interface has turned you off.

Outlook Is The Successor Of Hotmail:

Microsoft’s email service has seen significant changes since switching from Hotmail to Outlook, but it is crucial to keep in mind that Outlook is Hotmail’s replacement. Therefore, even if they are not precisely the same, they are undoubtedly related. Hotmail is extinct, even though millions of people still use Outlook services. Peace be with you,

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS):

Has Microsoft Outlook Replaced Hotmail?

In October 2011, it was reverted to Hotmail, then in February 2013, Outlook took its place completely. Outlook is branded under the Microsoft name and is available to users who have a Microsoft 365 (formerly Microsoft Office) subscription.

Why is Hotmail Incompatible With Outlook?

The problems might be caused by an out-of-date version of the Outlook software or browser. To fix this issue, you need to upgrade both the Outlook programme and your browser to the most recent version. Thus, just download the latest version of Outlook by going to the Microsoft Outlook Settings page.

What Became Of Outlook Hotmail?

Outlook has taken the position of Hotmail as Microsoft’s consumer email service.

What Became Of Email On Hotmail? is the new home for Hotmail accounts. New features and services have already been added to this web application to assist users in managing their emails online. You may use our guide here to retrieve it: To learn more about the account recovery procedure, see Recover your Microsoft account.

Does Hotmail Operate Anymore?

Since acquiring Hotmail in 1997, Microsoft has gradually discontinued the email service, while it continues to support both new and existing email addresses. The sole distinction is that Outlook now serves as the main email service, taking the role of Hotmail, and it includes additional functionality.

What Distinguishes Hotmail From Microsoft Outlook?

After Hotmail changed its name to in 2013, the two services were combined into a single platform. In response, and Hotmail are the same service; the only things that have changed are the security and choice sets.

How Can I Get My Email From Hotmail?

To recover a Hotmail address, go to and input the address. Next, provide the email address that Microsoft should use to contact you. To finish the procedure, verify your contact email address, verify the security code, and adhere to the on-screen instructions. You should hear back from Microsoft in a day or two.

Can I Remove Hotmail While Keeping Outlook?

This implies that to remove a email address, you must also remove the Microsoft account that is connected to it. Continue reading if you are ready! If not, you might want to just delete your Hotmail account from Outlook or any other email program you use.


The transformation of Hotmail into signaled a major change in Microsoft’s email offerings. Due to branding complications, the shift resulted in the cohabitation of terminology like “Outlook” and “Hotmail,” which confused users.

Outlook succeeded Hotmail as the unified email management platform, notwithstanding the modifications. Microsoft Outlook, the desktop client that was once connected to Hotmail, saw changes with Office updates. The conclusion underscores Outlook’s replacement of Hotmail, so reaffirming Outlook’s status as Microsoft’s modern email service. Despite being complicated, the trip demonstrates Microsoft’s dedication to improving and standardizing its email services.