What is WhatsApp web


whatsapp web

WhatsApp Web is a browser version of WhatsApp Messenger. As WhatsApp is owned by Facebook which is the most popular communication platform on this planet right now. This friendly Desktop version of Messenger is launched on 21 January 2015.

This is an extension of a mobile application. By using this feature, you can send texts and pictures to your family and friends. WhatsApp web is a web-based friendly version of Messenger. This feature gives its users the ability to read their messages from their desktops. By using this smartphone WhatsApp data will be available on your desktop.

WhatsApp Web Friendly Devices:

It was launched for Android, Windows users, and Blackberry users only but later it was also given an extension to Nokia users. You can easily use this messaging service on your computers and laptops.

Features of WhatsApp Web:

WhatsApp has all the features that you use on your smartphone. When it was introduced in 2015 you can only send and receive messages. There was no calling option, neither audio nor video call. WhatsApp is the most downloaded application across the world and there are millions of users of this application.

So, the convince their users, the company always does more experiments to make this application more friendly for their users. The company is trying to introduce new, fast, and easy tools for its users.  The company is experimenting with a calling option for WhatsApp web users and this facility is provided with a limited number of users only but soon it will be available for everyone after a successful experiment.

According to the report, the company is launching new icons, a camera, a gallery, contacts, and conference calling options. After the new update users can enjoy more on this version of WhatsApp. According to the reports, soon audio and video calling services will also be available all over the world.

Currently, WhatsApp gives you an option to make video calls for groups. This option is available on the latest version only. To make a video call you have to make a dialogue with 50 members in the messaging room then you are enabled to do this video call. This amazing feature is very useful for remote areas meetings.

If this function is open all over the world, then it would be very beneficial for the business community to make their remote meetings with their clients in their comfort zone just by clicking the video icon on their WhatsApp web from a PC. As all of you know, due to COVID-!9 everyone is limited at home so the company is trying to enhance the features of WhatsApp so that it can compete with other applications like ZOOM and Google Meet.

How to Use Whatsapp Web

This new feature enables you to access WhatsApp browsers easily and for this purpose, there is no need to download the application. You can use WhatsApp web on your computer or laptop without opening a browser like Chrome every time. You have to keep your data ON, on your mobile phone to access the WhatsApp web on your desktop.

Steps by step process:

  1. To use this version on your desktop you have to click on the three dots menu on the right corner of your mobile Application.
  2. From the menu, you have to select the WhatsApp web option. 
  3. When you click on WhatsApp web there will a new option appears on your mobile to link WhatsApp with another device.
  4. Simply click on the option LINK A DEVICE.
  5. On your mobile, a statement will appear if you use WhatsApp Web, go to web. WhatsApp.com on your computer and Scan a QR code.  
  6. Open WhatsApp web in the browser and point the phone at the QR code on the website.
  7. After scanning the code your WhatsApp application is ready to connect with WhatsApp web.

Why people prefer WhatsApp Web:

This kind of web version is specifically launched for those users who do not like small screens for messaging. This version is launched for those who are more comfortable with computer keyboards rather than mobile tabs.

WhatsApp web is more friendly for those users who have eyesight issues. They can be more comfortable by seeing messages, pictures, and videos on a large screen.

WhatsApp Web has recently introduced messenger rooms. The dark mode theme will also soon launch for their users.

You can send every kind of attachment by using WhatsApp web like pictures, and quick snaps using your PC’s camera except videos.

Drawbacks of WhatsApp Web:

  • To use WhatsApp web you should have an active WhatsApp account on your mobile.
  • The main limitation of WhatsApp Web is that you cannot use this version freely. You can access it if your mobile data is ON. It means if your mobile application is not connected to the internet then you are unable to use WhatsApp web on your computer.
  • By using WhatsApp web you are unable to forward messages to your friends and family.
  • In the web version, you cannot delete messages.
  • By using WhatsApp web, you are unable to create a group or leave an existing chat group.
  • Unlike the mobile version of WhatsApp, you cannot save information on your desktop directly.
  • You have to download the data first and then save it on your device.
  • There is also a limitation of downloading in the web version. You are not allowed to download all data at once.
  • To download data files on WhatsApp web you have to click individually on each file to save it on your PC.
  • As you know by using the web version you cannot download all media at once, similarly, there is no auto-download option on the web version. It means there is no need to worry about auto-downloading media files that can make your device storage short.
  • You cannot make audio and video calls by using WhatsApp web.
  • If your mobile power is going low, you are unable to continue the conversation.

Miscellaneous setting of WhatsApp web:

  • Besides editing your details, you can do some functions on WhatsApp web.
  • You can pin a chat, similarly, you can archive a chat.
  • WhatsApp allows you to block a contact and you can also access the block list of your contacts.
  • You can also change the default chat wallpaper.
  • You can mute notifications on WhatsApp web.