Twitter Signup


twitter signup

Twitter(X) is the most widely used social media platform people are having a craze to tweet on social media hot topics all over the world. So if you also want to create a Twitter account no matter whether you are an Android user, an iPhone user, or a Windows PC you can go for Twitter signup and have your account all you need is to just follow these steps.

Create Twitter Account – Twitter Signup:

  1. On your internet browser go to the Twitter website or download the Twitter app on your Android to get the Twitter account and if you are an iPhone user use your Apple ID
  2. Then select Sign up / Create a new account enter your name and gender and all the required information
  3. For the verification of your account give your phone number or an email address you are using you will get a verification code via SMS email
  4. Finally, add a profile picture by tapping the camera icon shown on the screen
  5. Now personalize your contacts, interests, and bio
  6. Describe yourself in bio
  7. If you wish to add your contacts so that you can know the people using Twitter in your contacts select uploading contacts and import your Gmail contacts
  8. From the bar search for interest, you can search and select a topic in which you are keenly interested it could be fashion, politics, music, technology, or any other else
  9. Based on your interest Twitter will suggest pages to follow from them you can select the pages you want to follow
  10. If you want to get notifications on your mobile click to allow notifications these include replies, news, highlights, new followers, etc

How can I add my header image?

Twitter has a different feature of adding a header image header image is displayed at the back of the profile picture with a larger image
To add a header image follow these steps:

  • If you are using a web browser go to the home screen and click the profile on the left on the mobile app tap the lines menu icon
  • Select Edit Profile under the header placeholder
  • In the center of the place header icon, you will see a camera icon click or tap it and choose an image from your device
  • Crop or resize the image you want to display as your header
  • Image click apply when you finished

Can I make my Twitter profile private?

Some of the social media websites such as Facebook, and Twitter accounts are also set to public so anyone using these platforms can browse and see your profile. If you wish to make your account private so that you can personalize your account and only those people can see the information that you want follow these steps:

  • Go to the left menu pane and select more
  • Choose settings
  • On this page select privacy and safety
  • Then audience and tagging > protect your tweets

How can I see my tweets?

All your tweets are stored on Twitter almost up to 3200 of them can be recovered from the most recent ones. To view more you can also download your twitter achieve.

What does it mean to follow someone on Twitter?

When you start following someone on Twitter this means you will get all the updates regarding their account, every time they post anything it will appear on your timeline.
You can also find people to follow by writing their names or usernames; you can also invite your friends on Twitter via mail or SMS.

Twitter Policies and Spam Reporting

  • Account suspension: if a user violates the rules and the terms written in the agreement r it has a spam report then that account is considered to be suspended
  • Twitter also provides you access to report spam so if you find any spammer you can report it

Setting up multiuser twitter login

When you create an ads account, you will handle an account administrator by default with this access can grant level you permission to other users.

  • Log into your
  • Select the name of your ad account and then edit access to
  • Account from the drop-down menu

What if I forget my username/ email address/ phone number?

For username:

  1. Use your email address and password to log in to Twitter
  2. If the password does not work, you can reset it by requesting a new password in the reset form
  3. Still, if the email does not work you might have entered a wrong one

For email address

  • Use your account username and password to login to Twitter
  • If you didn’t get logged in try our password request form put your mail address, phone number, or username you think you have used check your email you will get an mail with instructions to get a new password

For phone number

  • If you are asked to enter the phone number you have given in the information you have provided try writing your email address or username

I requested a new password but didn’t receive it?

If this is so check your spam or junk or you can search from the search bar for the mails from Twitter to check whether you have entered the same mailing address as the one in which you are waiting for the mail from Twitter or using any other. Lastly, if your all steps are correct and you still haven’t gotten the password file a support ticket.

Twitter policy

Twitter is widely used all around the world to get known to the current happenings all around the world. Sometimes these types of content depict violence, sensitive topics, and sometimes adult content Some people don’t like to see this content for you have to mention it with the video as sensitive content.

We also restrict specific content for the age under 18 hours for the user who does not mention their ages in their profile. Use Twitter or any social media website with care and limits so that you can enjoy their services