Skype Push to Talk


Skype push to talk

Skype push to talk is allowed in the latest version of Skype. There is an instant toggle button to mute the microphone while calling on Skype. In the business “push to talk” is also known as “Toggle Mute Key”. This valuable feature is required feature by Skype users. Skype push to talk is a very useful feature for gamers to prevent others from hearing while talking. And also during a Conference call.

Skype push to talk feature is the most used feature which allows you to mute the Microphone when doing something else until the user is ready to talk with all others. push-to-talk feature is useful for multi-tasking taking especially while playing multi-player games online.

Skype was created in 2003. Skype is a division of Microsoft. and created and developed by Niklas Zennström, Janus Friis, Ahti Heinla, Priit Kasesalu, and Jaan Tallinn. In the early days of voice-over IP or internet calling.
Skype is a VoIP (voice over IP), which uses the internet to help people to make and receive voice and video calls from IP. It’s also free or at a cheap rate. The Users of the Skype application has more than 1.55 billion users this year.

You can easily create a new account or log in to Skype.

Setup Skype Instructions

To enable “Skype Push to talk feature. All steps are mentioned below.

  1. First of all, you should check for updates of the Skype version. Its always good to have the latest version to utilize all features of the application.
  2. To download the latest version of Skype you can visit  or you can check updates in Play Store or App Store.
  3. On the Skype Web page, you can click on get Skype button to download Skype. In a few minutes, Skype setup file will be downloaded in your device.
  4. When downloads are complete. Double-click on the downloaded file to install the Skype application.
  5. Now follow the screen instructions to install the latest downloaded Skype application.
  6. If are a user of a smartphone you have to visit the Play Store or if you are a user of Apple so you can download it from the App Store.

If you already have the latest version of Skype or you do not want to update so you can Skype this feature.
Now let’s move ahead toward “Push To Talk” feature.

How to enable push to talk on Skype?

Skype Push to Talk For Windows

First of all, run your installed application of Skype. When the application runs and is ready to use. Click on your profile photo and then click on “settings”.When the Popup settings panel is displayed on your screen click on “General” then you see some options in the right part of the popup setting windows here you see a toggle button named “Enable global hotkeys” below “accessibility”.Now enable it to use this feature. Now close the setting popup and Enjoy the “push to talk” and Other hotkeys feature.

Push to Talk Other Skype Applications

To enable “Skype push to talk” feature install and run the Skype application and log in with your account. When Skype is ready to use click on “Tools” Which is located in the top bar of the app. Click “Options” or Press the “Ctrl+” setting Pop window shows on the screen. Now click on “Advanced Settings” When u click on “Advanced settings” the drop-down shows more options click on “Hotkeys” then check the option “Enable hotkeys” and click on the save button to save the setting it will all “Push to talk” and all other Hotkeys features.


What is Skype push-to-talk?

Skype push-to-talk is a feature that allows you to activate your microphone only when a specific key is pressed, reducing background noise during conversations.

Can I use push-to-talk in group calls?

Yes, push-to-talk is especially useful in group calls where background noise can be distracting. You can use the feature to speak only when necessary, providing a cleaner audio experience for everyone in the call.

What keys can I use for push-to-talk in Skype?

You can typically choose any key on your keyboard as the push-to-talk key. Common choices include the spacebar, a mouse button, or a key combination like Ctrl or Alt plus another key.

Is push-to-talk available on Skype mobile apps?

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, Skype’s mobile apps didn’t have a native push-to-talk feature. However, check the latest app updates, as features may have been added since then.

Can I customize the sensitivity of push-to-talk in Skype?

Skype may offer sensitivity settings to adjust how easily the microphone activates when the push-to-talk key is pressed. Check the advanced audio settings to see if such options are available.

Why would I use push-to-talk in Skype?

Push-to-talk is beneficial when you want to control when your microphone is active, reducing background noise and creating a more focused communication environment.

Does push-to-talk work in Skype video calls?

Yes, push-to-talk can be used in both audio and video calls on Skype, helping you manage your microphone during any type of conversation.

I’m having issues with push-to-talk. What can I do?

If you’re experiencing problems, double-check your settings, ensure the correct microphone is selected, and verify that the push-to-talk key is properly configured. If issues persist, consider checking Skype’s support resources for troubleshooting guidance.

Is push-to-talk available in all versions of Skype?

Push-to-talk may be available in various versions of Skype, but the availability of features can change with updates. Ensure your Skype application is up to date to access the latest features, including push-to-talk.