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CartoonCrazy, our favorite cartoons, and animes were telecasted on television. All we had to do was to turn on the box and relish. Nowadays, there are very few numbers of cartoons and animes that are aired on television. Almost all the comics, tv-series and animes are streamed on subscription service platforms. There are several paid plans to get access to our desired programs.

Not everyone can afford to subscribe to the services, so there are alternative sites to download or online watch your favorite cartoons or animes. CartoonCrazy is the best site to stream your movies and cartoons in high-definition resolution, online. Most importantly, there is always ambiguity while accessing alternative websites, whether they are safe or not because most of them have been detected to be pirated and illegal, but CartoonCrazy is thoroughly secure and legal.

Want to know more about it, go through the details now.

Free services are provided by CartoonCrazy!

CartoonCrazy is an online website that provides its users with the best quality cartoons and animes for free with the usage of a minimal amount of internet. The users can watch high-quality cartoons and animes online. It has a vast collection of comics and animated stuff.

The biggest question that clicks our minds is if it’s safe or not.

Just browsing a particular website will not tamper with the security of your device. It doesn’t give the option to download the files; instead, it allows you to stream the cartoons and animes you desire to watch. Therefore, there are no downloading facilities available to get permission to access your devices.

The content provided by CartoonCrazy is immaculate and away from piracy.

How to use CartoonCrazy on your device?

On your PC

The best part about using this is that the user interface of the website is extremely easy and attainable.

The primary element required to operate this website is a mainstream web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mini, etc., for safe and secure use. The step following will be, using VPN and renowned anti-virus software to restrict the entry of malware, if any. Then search for the website,, on the search bar. There will be infinite numbers of cartoons and animes waiting for you to watch them.

The easy access of this website allows it to give cut-throat competition to movies, cartoons, and anime hubs like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar, and Hulu.

On your Phone

The procedure of visiting the website is the same as that of the PC. Using a VPN is also recommended to protect your device.

On Kodi

On Kodi, using this might be a little bit critical and detailed. So, there are steps that should be followed to operate in Kodi.

Kodi is an open-source media player that needs to be installed on a PC. After mounting Kodi on Windows operating system:

  1. Run the application and go to the settings.
  2. Go to the add-on option and click on Unknown sources.
  3. Go back to the Kodi home screen and click the System Page.
  4. Click on the File Manager and select Add-Source.
  5. Download the zip file from uploads/2017/
  6. Go to Add ons from the Kodi Home screen.
  7. Select the icon showing an open box in the top-left corner of the screen.
  8. Find the install from the Zip file option and hit it.
  9. Choose the File you downloaded earlier.
  10. Select Repository. Lucifer.-x.x. Zip. A notification will pop up saying Addon Enabled.
  11. Next, hit Install from Repository.
  12. Then click Install from Lucifer’s Repository.
  13. Finally, Hit Video Add on and Click CartoonCrazy.
  14. Hit install and get an ‘Add-on Enabled’ message from Kodi Again.
  15. To watch your favorite Cartoon Contents in CartoonCrazy Kodi, You must first check Kodi’s Main Menu and click on Add on option. Then click on Add on items that say CartoonCrazy.
  16. Here you go.

Now you are ready to access your favorite shows on Kodi.

What makes CartoonCrazy one of the best cartoon and anime streaming sites?

CartoonCrazy is safe from malware and viruses. Not just that, it also provides a hundred percent legal content. On top of it, it also always recommends using Virtual Private Network both in your phone and PC, which safeguards your system from all viruses and malware.

This, no doubt, is the best site for cartoons and animes as it provides dubbed content. It connects and brings all the four corners of the world together. Animes clearly have originated from Japan. And animes are loved by people of all age groups all over the world.

But understanding Japanese for binge-watchers might be an issue, and reading the subtitles deviates the focus from the anime. So, this is our complete savior. It facilitates dubbed animes in all the possible languages for the viewers to understand them. It gets easy for anime lovers to get the content quickly and be entertained.

Moreover, as we say, “Old is Gold.” CartoonCrazy proves it right for cartoon lovers. There are many amazing cartoons that made our childhood beautiful, but they do not get aired anymore. CrazyCartoon streams all the famous classic cartoons along with new shows.

As children are cartoon crazy, they spend most of their time binge-watching their favorite shows. So, it becomes tough for the parents to keep a watch on them. But this, when installed on Kodi, makes the parental check easier. It has an Add-on option that controls the time of watching as well as shows the right content for the right age group. Hence, parents can rest assured for their children to watch cartoons.

Risks involved in using CartoonCrazy and how to resolve it!

Although this is legal, there might be some content that is pirated or has copyright issues, or is restricted in your region, which can get you in trouble if you are not alert about it.

In fact, in Kodi, it gets very easy for hackers to derive all your information and use it for their own good.

So the only solution that can protect us from the red sign is using VPN and using good anti-virus software on your PC. VPN is widely used when we access anything online. It hides our activities and protects the exposure of our content. It helps secure privacy.

The top recommended VPNs are, ExpressVPN which restricts governmental surveillance and is most suitable for CartoonCrazy, and SurfShark, which provides unlimited simultaneous connections. CyberGhost is again great for streaming content from popular sites.

PrivateVPN is located in Sweden, which is known for its stringent privacy; it works there quite well and secures the information. Sometimes, due to copyright issues, your cartoon might get interrupted in the middle. So, look for legal and authentic content to avoid such problems.

About CartoonCrazy Chrome Extension

CartoonCrazy has its own Chrome extension. You can check this by visiting here

A small app with a massive collection of toon content!

You can download the CartoonCrazy app on your phone from the Play Store too.

The user-friendly interface of this app makes it in demand by young users. It is easy to understand, and the design of the app is also attractive and soothing. It hardly occupies 18-19 MB of your device’s storage. You can expect to get all the cartoons and animes from the timeline of the 80s till 2021. It mostly has a collection from classic to contemporary.

It is one of the most popular sites for undeniable reasons.

Links to access Cartoon Crazy cartooncrazy.vk

This youth is all about animes, webtoons, and cartoons. There is hype for these shows. The fact that it has evolved with time and given a new direction to the animation industry would remain inevitable. Moreover, in this high-tech era, it is readily available everywhere on the internet. But finding the right website for easy and quick access is still tiresome. Not all websites provide high-quality, safe content. Sometimes, from these unauthorized sites, deadly viruses infect your system too.

So the cartoon-crazy youth think twice before trusting any anime downloading sites. There is always a lot of confusion as to which site to believe. In such an ambiguous situation, this shows up as a trustworthy friend who would protect you from all the evil eyes provided if the User uses a VPN as a shield. So, if you are a cartoon lover, search for and binge-watch your favorite animated shows.